Just inside Bubblewrap

I’m warm hearted. Very sensitive but I’m lonely and there is just one thing out there that sweeps joy through my core. Its the darkness and then the light, the spin and the constant feeling I’m being dragged towards it, or it to me.

Each day I see something new about it, its speed, its jigsaw of colours shrouded by swirls of cotton like mist. Its this one constant that brings me joy, knowing it will be there tomorrow bringing its ever changing scenes. Like a piece of art that evolves and changes with the time of the day.

It is just, well, it’s just a shame I know I’ll never really feel it because I’m in this sort of bubble wrap, gravity grounding my dreams. But there is hope, maybe one day it might just pop and then I’ll float my way to where my one true love lies.

thank you

Your admirer


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