Your out there.

you weren’t from here, some place beyond the confines of our minds. Different yet genetically similar, a living thing yet not imaginable in my own beliefs.

you didn’t judge me, you took a pen and noted down my presence, my conversations and my questioning and turned it into an understanding, one like adhesive, which only after a little push bonded us together.

We didn’t voice this bond created. For words that fit misunderstanding might take shape and livelihoods might be at stake. Who would understand.

You learnt my ways and i learnt from you

we talked from your world and me from mine

You got lost in thought and i lost my tounge

But we always found our way with words

as we would read the lines, the connections of the words on page and filter them into a story.

and through this we would always understand.

We are our story

we are writing one

i read yours

and you mine

and we learn.

We smile, tease, laugh, frown, agree, inform, advise, assume, create, discuss, fuck and then still try too understand each other. we are not so far from each others world. Our minds alike and even though some might disagree with how we met, we are just two people trying like them to create a story, a good one. So before you judge read the words ‘you would say’ as we talked about what people would think, but then…

A blackness, rather emptiness oozed over my mind. And all that i remembered of you was forgotten, Temporarily.

7am. One eye followed the other in revealing light. Light of an image which slowly turned the right way up inside my mind. An image of the very person i didn’t yet think was real. But there she was, lying in the amber rays of light, seducing my eyes and then my mind to realising that my unimaginable beliefs are now a little more real. She was from here, not fallen from another solar mass, she was from here, from earth, oh and she liked apples. The fruit of life on earth. perhaps now the fruit of mine.

to her



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