I think Twain would be jealous of you…and me.

I wanted to write something today, so i thought, what would relieve some mind tension and then i thought of a situation and then of someone and then i thought i might aswell try and be poetic because i like to think i’m being bloody clever and wordy. Well those rhyming words are very seductive to the mind of a reader.

So Twain might have written about someone with words sprouting from a drunk mans mind, then you have yeat’s odd poetic prose but for now you have a pile of words put together to reveal something from my mind.


Your ink of bliss dissolves like a kiss into my heart

it beats a thousand rythms so fast

that even a blink would be too much for me to miss.


i’ll take your hand and seal it to my own

because the thought of you with someone else unknown

makes those stars i see at night disappear

and with no light to carry on this day

the day is dead and tears begin to lead the way


you say not now, but i know there is time

i’ve had you in a dream of mine

which dreams i make a goal to find

so some day near

that love in dreams i fear i will rewind

and suddenly it will all be real

that you are really mine.


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