Life: Re-evaluate. John McClane style.

An old man died today, he was 116. His advice was to eat light and live long. He did not smoke and he only ate until 80 percent full, which kind of made me re-evaluate how I’m eating a full English for breakfast, a full cooked meal at lunch and a repeat for dinner, usually without much room for more. hmmm.

So, thinking about dying young, what better motivator for getting out of that stuck elevator waiting to get off on dream no. 1. I need to climb out that lift like John McClane. Like himself, he knew how much time he had left to live because his script had a definite ending (well, for each film) so if we knew how much time we had to live, would we be more efficient with it, try harder, forgive more, accept love without too much thought about its future, would we eat healthier, or worse. Should i start living mine like i know how the script will end, should i write my story forward?

All i know is that i put a lot of things off, because i think i have time, and lots of it, but then I’m playing with fate which is most likely going to beat me to its own agenda.

Falling in love, although i may cringe at that phrase, i do indeed believe its possible, but i am usually relentless about failing to admit feelings or persuing my own fledging love interests. Probably a result of occupying most of my time thinking about future success, which has likely meant I’ve missed out on a lot of warm encounters. Fear from my own independence or a fear i’ll take away yours. And yes most of the time when we think of the reasons why we stop ourselves, it doesn’t amount to global poverty, so why do we give a shit about if we tell someone or not we ‘like them’. No doubt i’ll continue on as my past. But as Will smith said in Hitch, ‘Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away’. So advice to self. press stop. get off. Stay on floor and see what happens.

A lot of the time i can think back to Chuck Palahnuick’s film, Fight Club and his main characters. If in doubt about any way your living your life, but lacking in doing the things you actually wish to be doing. Tyler Durdan is your mentor. Taking to crime doesn’t have to be your motivator, but just ‘doing something’ can and well, not thinking to much before doing something. We are all good at talking ourselves out of things. Like my run at half 6 this morning. I spent 15 minutes not wanting to go. Then i did. Did it hurt? Yes. Did i feel awesome for it? Yes.

If its a ‘no’ to something that may harm your life, i accept. Buta  ‘no’ for anything else is probably a fools answer.

There is one thing though, at least i know I’m never going to feel like i have to change into an animal to be for filled with life, like this lady…(aspiring cat women)


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