Waking up and living like an animal!

Have you ever woken up and thought about being an animal for the day?

Think about it, if i was a lion. I’d open my eyes, go for a walk, spot a cow in a field and tear it down, rip it open and chow down its meat until complete. I would wander into the local town and find my self a young women around. I’d spend the rest of the day whispering into the others ear sweet roars of physical satisfaction.

What about a butterfly. Im a living super hero, when i start the day im a caterpilla, the curtains drawn, surrounded by a shield and when i re appear i take flight and pearce those eyes that stare at me, all in amazement. Fame surely to come from such a magical transformation .

Then theres a bee, i would bummble around all day, spreading pollen, making honey, oh, but wait, im a queens bitch. Im given orders, okay fuck that.

How about a pigeon, they seem to do all right as homeless animals, begging on our streets. i could get free meals, shit on how ever i like and not feel bad for it.

I’d hate to be a fish, i mean, come on, when we look at most of them we arent really exactly clambering at the thought of their physical attraction and lets be honest, there pretty simple, unless your a dolphin, they rock. Jumping in and out of water like a circus acts. I’d like to be in a circus.

How easy is it really to take on the life of another creature. Take away money and would our needs as humans be as simple? the lion doesnt sound bad does it…but an ant, well fuck that, i dont want to be frazzled from some bastard weilding a magnifying glass over me or because im so small an unknowing foot might land itself upon me. imagine that, death by foot.

Well, if some religions are indeed correct by their teachings, i may end up re-incarnated as one and if that day comes and i end up being a tiny ant, im gona build an ant hill so high, that any human that tries to climb it, will die before reaching the top. So why havent they already…stupid ants! Anyway, i could continue this forever, but fuck it. This topic is coming to a close.

What animal would you be…?


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