a number to replace

age. a number. a feeling. a perception of value.

we eat lamb because its young, tender and tasty, the older sheep sold off cheap. Its taste not comparable, its look the same. Olive oil is priced on degrees of age, virgin, extra virgin, all dependant on when it is picked. Higher value given to the first pressed ‘virgin’ oil.

So is age a value dependant measure. Is age dependant on individual minds. We might hold an age, but do we act it or feel it. I might have the imagination of a child, yet the logic of a wizard, so can a single number define if im young or old. Physically you say, i look my age, but i dont. I look younger, yet others below look years beyond mine.

The elderly are considered to old for work, and the young too inexperienced. Some not old enough to drink, yet mature enough to have a child. Isnt then experience a better measure to hold an opinion? I sometimes think i should be at this age, career focused. Earning a decent wage. Starting a family. Then i realise i’m comparing to the common perception of the way lifes lived, which then i realise is not for me. Im not a drifter. Im an experience seeker, so you might be living in your own house, living with your yearly holidays and living like your age defines when you choose to make changes. But i have stories. I have lived to understand people and to love the differences we create between ourselves and if this means living like i dont give a dam, this is what i’ll do. (oops the golf ball went off course there)

So AGE you are but a hindrance, a poision to perception of life. I jab a dagger through your words and ruin your definition, you lose, because now you mean nothing. (unless your a tasty piece of bbq’d lamb)


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