Caught doing….?

Story behind the Photo


You might assume, that an individual in the photo has been taken in for questioning, for perhaps say something like stealing a bar of sesame seed snaps. Well your guess would not be quite correct.

Standing at a crossroads on a quiet road out of town, actually a rather big City in Chile called Temuco. However we were on the outskirts and this particular day no one was stopping to give our hitching thumbs a ride. We noticed however a police car had circled us three times. On the 4th, they stopped. After questioning where we were heading, Ruta 5 being our answer. All three police officers got out the car, grabbed our bags and put them in the boot. The speed in which they then proceeded to move was the pace of an old lady who has forgotten to have her cataract operation, however as they gradually informed us, the area was renowned for drugs and violent behaviour and actually they were in some way escorting us out of danger. Oh. Being wedged between two police officers, i couldn’t feel any safer. Unless grenades were commonly used in these badlands.


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