It’s a Women’s World…now!

The Story Behind the Photo.

“Do you want to see something unusual”. My hostel host suggests to me. Sure was my response and in that very afternoon i was shipped off on a bus, full of western faces. El Alto is a fast growing urban area adjacent to La Paz and the destination where we duly disembark our bus into a hall, where like cattle we are positioned in an area around a ring, reserved for foreigners.

women wrestling

Yes, that man is carefully placing a tray over a peculiar looking female. Okay, carefully was a lie, but then it is all part of the act, where Indigenous females wrestle against other females and sometimes males. Strange right. The poplar sport called Cholita Wrestling. I was even told these indigenous ladies also play golf. Not a man’s world in La paz! I reckon a Spice Girl’s come back will do well in Bolivia!


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