Common Nuisances

Some things can be just as anoying like turning up to a carribean island and the weather defying your expectation for sun. Like once upon a time in La Isla San Andres

on Isla San Andres

on Isla San Andres

but here are a few others…

When signing up to something and it says ’email address already being used’…erm…no…no I havent signed up yet.

When the batteries in a wireless keyboard runs out. No spare batteries. (arghhhh)

Not remembering which page either side of the bookmark was the last one you read.

Coffee or tea?…Putting a tea bag into a wet mug and then changing your mind!

When you have to wait for ice cream to melt because its too hard.

Dishing out sausages. Then realising you forgot to cook one side.

Need to remember security questions for bank. Forgetting all security questions for bank. Bank operator hangs up. Fail!

How do you play I spy when there is a power cut?

Putting toothpaste onto electric toothbrush. Turn on toothbrush…no battery! 

more will follow…in the meantime i’m off to eat a crab!



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