“Yes there is a world out there and even if you don’t want to meet it, it will hit you right in the face”.


One of the poignant expressions Kevin Spacey’s character throws out there, and how it sums up the eventual outcome of the film.

Could you change the world? What would you do towards making that happen. These ideas are quite profound and only a handful of us will have the time to make a big change and usually that involves the changing of how other people live their lives.

Essentially this is what drives this film along. In a word one person helps three other people, 3 big favours. Those people then continue this chain and eventually a large amount of people will have benefited from this theory of kindness.

Maybe have a host a homeless day, I mean there seems to be a day for everything, fathers, mothers, valentines, today (21st Jan) is hugging day…there is even a homeless animals day (20th August)and this week is hunting for happiness week, so why not a day to help, helpless humans? I’ll be the first to donate, I could donate my…my that’s right, my…my time as donations of physical property would be useless unless it’s a beard trimmer as homeless people don’t have a way to fight control over that hair and mine is broken, so that wouldn’t help. Physical property is only a temporary aid, what really makes the difference is the time spent with those in need.

But the final punch to this film reflects on the dark side of the kindness coin. Being brave is admirable, but being brave in something your not familiar with could end in a contradiction. Humble To help but hurt in return. So if you do want to help someone, use common sense as a guide and in your gut if you feel threatened, sometimes being hurt is no sacrifice you should pay in an attempt to do good.

So will you pay it forward? 


‘a small change you make for someone else could be a big change for them’



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