Are you an Egotist or an Altruist?

…are you looking to do some positive work in this world?

and no i’m not talking about being more positive/ pro active in your current job (although that is a good idea). What i’am talking about is becoming a Superhero, a crime fighter, a…a philanthropist! Okay so a superhero sounds better does it not. But the duty these shero’s participate in is quite often philanthropic, only by donning a mask and cape they can associate the work with being heroic, not necessarily themselves as an individual but in their actions towards doing good for humanity. Thus if a superhero is seen helping the homeless, people especially youngsters will look upon this and admire and perhaps aspire to doing the same.

So you too could become a modern Batman (Minus the futuristic vehicles, armor and husky voice). And with the new instalment nearing our screens, what a great time to start thinking about what you could do if you were a superhero and what powers (or rather altruistic powers you can fathom) to make the world a better and safer place.

Becoming a Super Hero Part 1

Around the world, there are masked men and women doing just this. Their identities protected. Their methods heroic (well some) but their good intentions are what sets them apart from the rest of us sheeplings (thats right, ive called everyone a sheep (except me of course as i’m trying to promote being different).

(photos courtesy of ‘The real life super hero project’, copyright remains with them…so i apologise i stole them for this article…oops)

He is so Super, locals painted a mural of him. Superbarrio Man, who uses his unique image to organize labour rallies, protest, and file petitions to prevent families from being evicted.

For more super heroes, head to the super hero project webspace

Obviously there are some people out there who have questionable methods of what constitutes being super, in the UK for example, Angle Grinder Man, who claims to use an angle grinder to illegally cut wheel clamps off vehicles.

But all the powers are in your control. You could be ‘Parking man’, where you pay for peoples cars who have run out of time. Any public annoyance that can be rectified is an act of heroism…

Speaking seriously, being a Super hero is about community and helping where’s needed with the fun of dressing up. If nothing other than to make people aware that you are making a difference and making a statement that there are people who are trying to make a stand against crime and issues like poverty (as sometimes the police and established organisations are sometimes not enough). But the priority should always be to keep within the law.

A quote from Mr Xtreme “we draw on the influence from those fictional comic book vigilantes, but we know what’s real. What we can and can’t do.”

Another example of how we can use fiction for a positive impact on our somewhat broken society.

So being a super hero is not far off to anyone willing to break past comfort fears and the eagerness to help others. People will make fun of you. But just remember these people sometimes don’t realise the meaning behind such behaviour. Just remind them and maybe next time they will encourage you rather than belittle.

Being “super” is a habit. Done consistently “super” persons routinely touch other lives. They reach out by first reaching within. This rationale prompts leaving personal comfort zones to create “super” people. This lifestyle doesn’t have one vocation or religion. Anyone, anywhere can do it. The price of admission is paying attention to potential opportunities to serve society. Instead of observing problems without taking action “super” people take ownership for providing solutions. Resolving matters for others becomes equal to resolution done for personal benefit. “Super” people are bridges to greater civic involvement. Their example prompts observers to get involved. They often shame skeptics into listening to the better angels of their nature.” (Captain Black)

So are you an Altruist or more concerned about your own ego? If your not sure about converting to being a super hero?…why not post a question to them on the facebook, in fact…i am going to do so myself, because I too want to be super…but right now, it scares the living soul out of me to walk around in a costume. The first step to change is seeking out those that already know! Don’t be afraid to ask!

Real Life Superhero Project

Superheroes Anonymous

and for those in the UK

The Justice Union UK

i’ve already liked their page…now it’s your turn.


Hasta Luego,


Disclaimer: These people are not actually Superheroes, what they have is the ideal to which they aspire to, to being heroic, through super human effort. An effort which is needed.


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