…the modern day commandments!

Some ideas from some recent films i put myself through…


Do you dislike people who watch shows like x-factor? Do you dislike people who vote on them? Well here is an idea. Make phones that have exploding batteries in them. Whenever they call the voting line, the batttery will exploed leaving a mark on the victims face. Atleast you will then know who then to avoid…

For suprising someone who has pissed you off! Get a decent pair of handcuffs and no not the shitty plastic ones (or sexcuffs), get a real pair (not sure how this is possible). Then when somebody has pissed you off, wait for them to place their arm on something that can be fixed to, then using your handcuffs to quickly attach them to the immovable object (metal fence?). Hopefully its raining and they don’t have a jacket. This will definately be repentance for their crime of having annoyed you. Caution…practice using them first as you are most likely going to have to secure the cuffs very quickly.

HESHER (2010)

Do you want to burgle someones house? Do you just want to see if someone is on holiday. Here are some tips:

Check for post first. If it is uncollected this is a good sign.

Check their rubbish (recycling or general waste) if there is none…this is a good sign

and the obvious, wait until nightime and look for the lights!


A modern day translation of the 10 commandments:

1. Dad and mom are the bomb

2. God is no.1

3. Cussin the mom is outta hand

4. Sunday is gods fun day

5. Say no to envy

6. Be chill don’t kill

7. It aint neat to cheat

8. Kepp it real don’t steal

9. It aint fly to lie

10. Covet? Don’t love it

for the sake of comparing them to the simplified originals i hereby provide a link: Press here

Pain! MEN DO YOU KNOW PAIN? For a man to feel the level of pain as a women in childbirth he would have to pull his scrotum over his head!

And before you ask, i haven’t tried that, in fact i think the pain can easily be felt in the imagination alone.

and lastly in this round of Movie’s influential ideas…


The main message from this film is about fighting your fears. In fact it is very close to the ethos of this blog, about creating a fictional world inside your imagintation to help get you through tough or troubling situations…for Babydoll it worked…the imagination is a power full thing.

The final message it leaves us with is… “you have all the tools you need to fight”. So don’t blame others. Don’t blame it on bad luck. You have everything you need to be the success you crave!

If you want to be ‘in the loop’ about how the movies are such inspirational material dont be shy to click various buttons to ‘connect’ with this webspace.


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