…don’t show your fear of small dogs!

Words, Thoughts and Ideas from…Happy Accident (2001)

Is time Flying or does that clock limp round. Time apparently is relative to our emotional state. When we are in good spirits, whether it is because we are having a good time, time appears to ‘Fly by”, however when we are feeling down, maybe because you ended up using glue for lubrication, time slows down to the pace of a koala bear climbing down a tree.


What not to do to impress the opposite sex (same goes for either butch or body builder women)…

Do not crunch your bicep whilst saying to your acquaintance “have you seen me since this happened” emphasising your mass of bicep muscle. Nobody really cares how much muscle has grown, if they did, they would mention that themselves.

If you really have nothing to say on a date, make something up. Use the art of bullshit, create a whole backstory of how you have come from the future and you came back to save her…at least it adds a bit of mystery to your character and she won’t get bored, unless ofcourse she doesn’t have a sense of humour or is already having a bad day…she might leave.

Don’t show your afraid of small dogs…it looks pathetic.


If a man says “My whole life has been a journey into your heart” they definitely have an agenda and you should probably mention you have aids or your looking for a salsa partner and nothing more. Either way, his journey with you should end right there.


Do you know someone who has intense attacks of emotion, distorts time and space and has a great enhancement of imagination which leads to compulsive writing of words and drawings or elaborate fantasies (sorry that is a mouthful)…if you do know someone, they might just have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy…just like Van Gogh (apparently)

A Final Thought:

Sometimes your, your own casualty when you try to fix someone, they might get better but you might end up losing that spark that attracted you to them.


..If anyone happens to have any thoughts on any of the above, i’d definitely pause the music to listen…so come back and comment.

DISCLAIMER: All of the above came from the movie so don’t blame me if things don’t workout…just saying!


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