…How to get out of a confrontation with a gun!

it was said, it was heard, it was seen….could it perhaps be useful?  Kill The Irishman is actually based on real events, but is storing a teabag in your wallet really a thing of fact? Anyway here are some lessons…


Get yourself out of trouble…

So someone is pointing a gun at you. You either scream (bullet wound possible), you run…same result or you could ask the guy to ‘Dance’. That’s right, just like Steven Seagal, you go hand to hand, because as you know with steven, if you persuade someone with a gun to fight you hand to hand, you will win…because this in undoubtedly the most common way movie characters win a fight. Who ever is the one to ask for the dance will usually win. So, next time or if you ever happen to be in a situation facing some metal barrel, pull out that line…and chances are…you might get out alive.

Caught short…of cash?

Short of money for a cuppa when in a restaurant…well next time, carry a tea bag in your wallet and ask for hot water…hot water should be free!

Tailing like a pro…

Do you want to follow someone? Perhaps a boy/girlfriend is cheating on you or perhaps you want to workout an ex’s routine so you can steal their cat. Well the best way to achieve this is to drive behind them with a maximum distance of three cars lengths and remember to always park over the other side of the road…you will definitely not be seen…unless your target actually has some brains!

Is your name not cool enough?

Do you want something catchy like…Fat Tony? IN fact have you even wondered why in the mafia they call each other these odd names?…well the Irishman might have a clue…

I know why you call each other ronnie the crab, peanuts and franky bate, it’s because your too fucking stupid to remember each others names”

… perhaps not the real reason for the nicknames…but it is an idea…if you have a better answer…please post below.

However if you really do want one of these names, tap the link below to get one.


DISCLAIMER: All of the above came from the movie so don’t blame me if things don’t workout…just saying!


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