STORY MEETS REALITY…The real fight behind the Avengers plight!

So you may have watched Avengers Assemble. If not, get yourself round to watching it, as well…it is frankly a bloody good movie, if anything other than to learn about the fight for control of free energy.

Avengers Assemble Movie Poster

A lot of you might not of heard of free energy or know that free energy is a possibility. In fact it has been found and it has been developed. Not to the extent of a glowing blue cube. But to the extent of a few scientist or inventors that have looked at the possibility of free energy.

John Searl created the Searl effect generator, using magnetism to create energy. The result was that he made a U.F.O type craft that could fly using its own self sustaining power. In fact they recorded rediculous travel speeds, which defied all expectation. CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE or LOOK AT A VIDEO ABOUT HIS TECHNOLOGY

Another documentary called THRIVE also reveals information about other inventors that have created technology for free energy.

Both are very interesting and will make watching Avengers even more enlightening about the fight to control the energy economy.

Some of you might ask, well if they have this technology, then why has it not been developed and used. The most typical answer will be because, free energy threatens those in different energy sectors, specifically Oil, and if no one can make a profit from free energy no one seems to be interested. A dilemma which the economic culture we live in is going to make hard for this technology to come to fruition.




Perhaps we need our own team of extraordinary people to help encourage and fight for the use of free energy.

COMING UP…a group of people who might be suitable…real life super heroes…


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